Bullying Academy

Evidence-based Anti-bullying Program for 4th Through 8th Grade Students

The web-based interactive anti-bullying program was created to help students and educators recognize the dangers of bullying, including cyberbullying. Our primary emphasis is to inform students of preventative measures related to bullying as well as to develop effective communication strategies. The program generates data, which can be compared by class, school, or district in an effort to monitor effectiveness of bullying prevention education.

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Last year our 6th, 7th and 8th graders also had the opportunity to participate in the program. Our students were engaged in the learning process and eager to go back into the program. Anyone who has experience with middle school students, knows that they are often hard to keep engaged and they do not hold back telling you their opinion about something. I was amazed at how many positive comments I heard about the program. We are thrilled to participate in Bullying Academy again and I look forward to having our students learn about staying safe on the Internet.

- Mrs. Rodrigues
(Rhode Island)

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We're Taking A Stand Against Bullying
Registration Begins August 1st Program Milestones 1,000 registered schools - 50,000 students participated