Bullying Academy

Evidence-based Anti-bullying Program for 4th Through 8th Grade Students

The web-based interactive anti-bullying program was created to help students and educators recognize the dangers of bullying, including cyberbullying. Our primary emphasis is to inform students of preventative measures related to bullying as well as to develop effective communication strategies. The program generates data, which can be compared by class, school, or district in an effort to monitor effectiveness of bullying prevention education.

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I really appreciated being able to use this program to teach my students the importance of anti-bullying. I liked that is was all "online." I had my students work with partners to complete the scavenger hunts. They really enjoyed that. Overall, the entire program was easy to use and helpful in teaching valuable life lessons. Thank you for putting this program together and I look forward to participating next year.

-Wendy W. DuVal
Technology Instructor
Ashby Lee Elementary School

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We're Taking A Stand Against Bullying
Registration Begins August 1st Program Milestones 1,000 registered schools - 50,000 students participated